X-Ray Irradiators

Model X80 X-Ray Beam Irradiator

The Model X80 X-Ray Beam Irradiator will simplify even the most tedious and time consuming tasks associated with calibrating radiation detection instruments and personnel dosimeter badges. The control panel provides total command and monitoring of the irradiator, complete with expose and return pushbuttons, indicator lights, an emergency off pushbutton, LCD display, and a keyed power switch. The data entry keypad makes it simple to enter exposure time, filter, and attenuator selection. The optional computer based control system offers even greater ease-of-use by automating and simplifying many steps of the calibration process. Computer controls will manage the X-ray system, calculate exposure rates, provide automatic set-up of the irradiator and provide automated calibration of the irradiator.

With its fail-safe design and a wide range of accessories, the Hopewell Designs Model X80 offers a flexible, easy to use system that will increase productivity and accuracy. Available in three configurations: the X80-160, with a range of 5 - 160 kV; the X80-225 kV - range of 5 - 225 kV; the X80-320 kV with a range of 5 - 320 kV.



  • Automated irradiator control software or electronic controller
  • Control of exposure time, voltage, amperage, beam code, aperture size, and distance
  • Filter wheel for 10 beam codes
  • Additional filter wheels easily installed
  • Filter materials available for most beam codes
  • Aperture wheel for 8 different beam diameters
  • Four axes precision linear positioning system
  • X-ray range: 20 - 320 kV, 0.5 mA, up to 4.2 KW
  • Fully programmable routines
  • Video monitor to view instrument under calibration
  • Laser alignment system


Filter Aperature Wheel

Filter Aperture Wheel

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