Neutron Irradiators

Model N40 Series

The Hopewell Designs Model N40 series provides a 360° radiation field for calibrating radiation detection instruments and irradiating personnel dosimetry. Available with up to seven radioactive sources in a wide range of activities, the system comes complete with radiation sources, shielding, exposure position, safety interlocks, and control panel. There are eight models to choose from based on source quantity and size.


  • Up to seven sources
  • Californium-252 Sources: 30 to 3,000 µG
  • Cesium-137: 10mCi to 100 Ci
  • Cobalt-60: 10mCi to 50 Ci
  • Fail-safe design
  • Timer or fully automated operation
  • Single or multiple linear positioning tracks
Model N40 Low Scatter Irradiator with four linear positioning tracks


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