GR440 High Dose Rate Self-Contained Irradiator

Several high dose rate applications require the use of a self-contained research irradiator for calibration, production and other supporting research & development activities.  The Hopewell Designs, Inc. Model GR440 High Dose Rate Self-Contained Research Irradiator is a modern replacement for the legacy systems which are no longer supported.  The GR440 combines the well-known and understood capabilities and features of legacy systems with numerous state-of-the art design upgrades including larger chamber volume, a rotating chamber, higher precision timing/process control and greatly improved external (operator) dose rates.  Hopewell Designs, Inc. provides unparalleled service, preventative maintenance, technical support and source reloading for its entire product line.

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For additional information on the Model GR440 High Dose Rate Self-Contained Irradiator to download the brochure click here or our GR440 Whitepaper, click here.


  • Isotope: Cobalt 60
  • Maximum Activity: 888TBq (24,000 Ci)
  • Irradiation Chamber
    • Diameter: 27.94cm (11 in)
    • Height: 30.48cm (12 in)
    • Volume: 18,688 cm3
    • Door Opening:
      • 27.31cm (10.75 in)(Wide)
      • 30.48cm (12 in) (Height)
  • Weight: 4036 kg (8900 lbs)
  • Primary Shielding: Depleted Uranium
  • Power Requirements: 120V/60 Hz

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