Control Software

Increase accuracy and efficiency with our automated software package. By putting most
irradiator operations under computer control,  the operator continues to have full control over the system, but by handling the tedious and repetitive tasks, the computerized controls free the operator to focus on areas where expertise is most needed. Hopewell Designs, Inc. provides a wide range of variable and program parameters so that our software is easily tailored to specific customer needs.

Automated and computer-controlled capabilities include:

  • Automatic calibration setup
  • Exposure rate calculation
  • Radioactive decay correction
  • Automatic database entry
  • Calibration report generation

About the Software

Our Automated Irradiator Control Systems are based on National Instruments' LabVIEW software, assuring that our automated controls can be easily customized, maintained and upgraded.

Cntrl Screen

Safety and System Status

  • Status of safety interlocks
  • Readiness to start an exposure procedure
  • Source position: safe, exposed, or in motion
  • Exposure state (e.g., "Ready to Expose," "Exposure in Progress," "Recording Data")
  • Mode of operation (e.g., "Normal," "Irradiator Calibration," "Daily QC")
  • Error messages, special operator instructions
  • Overall system health

Source and Exposure

  • Source selection drop-down menu
  • Current and voltage settings for X-ray systems
  • Attenuator control where applicable
  • Exposure and exposure rate

Exposure rate and distance are linked so that when one is changed, the other is calculated and updated. Exposure and time are also linked.



  • Preset exposure time
  • Elapsed exposure time
  • Elapsed time counter reset button
  • The operator may preset the time to zero to contro the exposure manually. When a time is specified, exposure is calculated.

Linear Positioning System (LPS) Control

  • Slider and digital controls to preset the LPS position
  • Real-time LPS position indicators
  • Controls to actuate and cancel motion as well as to send the LPS to its "Home" position
  • When an exposure rate is specified, the system calculates a position, automatically compensating for source decay


  • Barometric pressure
  • Temperature
  • Correction factor

Auto Setup

With one button, all parameters of the irradiator can be changed to a new setup.

  • User-defined procedures and steps
  • Each step can change source, position, position/exposure rate, time/exposure, attenuator
  • Database stores procedures and steps
  • New procedures setup in database or via "teach and learn" button

Irradiator Calibration

Calibration process including recording results is fully automated.

  • Uses an ion chamber and electrometer to calibrate the irradiator
  • Setup button activates a wizard that walks the operator through setting the irradiator
  • Position automatically adjusted
  • All electrometer readings stored to database
  • Data analyzed and fit to polynomial equation
  • Equations updated in control software


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