ALARA Shielding

ALARA (as low as is reasonably achievable) shielding helps reduce exposure rates to workers. Modular wall shields, tank and pipe shields, leaded glass windows and doors are available with sizes and configurations to meet custom specifications.


Modular Shielding

neutron shield walls

Modular panels allow shielding to be arranged as required for a given project. Hopewell Designs, Inc. manufactures a line of shielded rooms that can be used for X-Ray inspection, temporary radiation areas, or enhanced shielding of walls. Wall sections are stepped and interlocked to eliminate radiation shine. Shielding thicknesses are available from 1/4" to 4".

  • Low background rooms for portal monitors

  • X-Ray inspection rooms

  • Mobile panels on casters

Project Examples

  • Sliding shield doors for valve banks

  • Shielding for filter tanks

  • Removable bonnet shield for accelerator ductwork

  • Adjustable wall sections for neutron shielding


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